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One night with a rake: Regency Rakes Series, Book 2
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Setting isn't an issue for me. I don't mind as long as the book is good and yours always are terrific! I'm not too stuck on setting either..

One night with a rake

I'm all story and characters : Congrats Mia on your newest release! Sorry but I don't have a favorite setting for contemporaries, as I don't care for them. My favorite setting for historicals are England in the late 18th- 19th century. I read a lot of Regency and Highlanders romances, but another favorite is Medieval and there aren't as many of those. I like Highlanders, Regency, and Vikings.

It doesn't really matter that much to me as long as the book is a good one. I do love historicals especially though. I love your books. Congrats on your new release! I like stories set in small towns since that's where I've spent most of my life, but I also enjoy contemporary romances that take place in vacation-type locales, for example at a beach, a ski resort, etc. Hi Mia, thanks for visiting today. I love my stories set either in Regency England or Scotland.

I adore highlanders with a passion, and I also love Medieval stories.

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You and Connie are "must read" authors for me. Congratulations on your new release. Mia, thanks for asking the question and hello! My favorite setting s for a romance are mainly historical. Since there really isn't time travel yet , I like to imagine and read about and travel to life and romance in a time that is not contemporary. I realize you're branching out soon into contemporary, but I don't read much contemporary romance unless there is a lot of humor in it e.

I find a mystery and some action livens things up a bit. I adore pretty much all historical settings -- preferably pre-WWI. I do like contemporary -- and will read those by authors I know and love without hesitation, but I do gravitate towards historicals. Setting isn't important to me as long as the story grabs my attention! Hi Mia, can't wait to read your new book! I love reading historicals set in the Regency England era--I love the ideas of balls, teas and carriage rides through the parks! I do love a good Regency or Highlander story when reading historical romances.

Series: Royal Rakes

As for contemporary settings, I'm not to caught up with the where, I'm more focused on the characters and their story. Mia : One of my favorite travel memories is the day my family and I spent with you in Honolulu, Kim. What a treat. But every time he saw me after that he started in on that song. I think he even dedicated it to me once. We shared the same agent and editor and between the two of them, the idea to pair us up for some projects was born.

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Check out the fantastic covers at this link. Mia : Sir Jonah Sharp is the kind of man who can do what needs to be done.

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Pretty darn complicated when the debutante is Lady Serena. Attend an exclusively male club. Smoke a cigar. Have a fortune told by gypsies.

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Dance the scandalous waltz. But the beautiful reformist is no easy conquest, and Nate's considerable charm fails to entice Georgette to his bed.

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To woo her, Nate will have to make her believe he cares about someone besides himself--and no one is more surprised than Nate when he realizes he actually does. Mason and Marlowe s fast-paced second Royal Rakes romance after Waking Up with a Rake features a progressive heiress and a jaded nobleman. In Regency England, the Duke of Cambridge wants to marry quickly, hoping to father the next heir to the throne.

His enemies blackmail Lord Nathaniel Colton into agreeing to deflower Cambridge s potential bride, Lady Georgette the daughter of the Marquis of Yorkingham and sister of Nate s deceased fianc e. Georgette often travels to the seediest parts of London to help prostitutes leave their sordid lifestyles, so Nate offers to be her protector; proximity results in romantic trysts that lead her down the path of ruin and him closer to realizing that he has true feelings for her.

Mystery simmers alongside the romance as Nate and Georgette seek a killer while contemplating a future together.