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Intellias also implemented an advanced authorization feature that introduced one more security dimension to online and mobile payments. Powered by Mastercard SecureCode and Mastercard Identity Check, this service can approve transactions with the help of Mastercard-issued private codes and one-time identity verification passwords. We integrated with control servers, provided a landing page for secure code input, and developed an advanced error handler and user-oriented push notifications. The innovative digital banking solutions described above have been successfully released to market and accepted by end customers.

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The sensitivity analysis also shows that the relationship remain positive and significant no matter what combination of the omitted variables are used in the basic model. Thus, our findings support the core idea that banking sector development stimulates long term economic growth in a country.

Keyword : financial development, financial deepening, financial efficiency, financial liberalization, economic growth, Time-series models, banking sector. Home Archives Vol 17 No 1 Articles. Banking sector liberalization and economic growth: case study of Pakistan. Vol 17 No 1 The overall performance of bank does not merely depend upon the banking industry itself but also on the performance of economy wherever it is operating. The banking sector in Bangladesh is disparate from the banking sector as seen in developed countries.

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This is one of the foremost service sectors in Bangladesh economy. In the backdrop of economic liberalization and financial sector reforms, a group of highly successful local entrepreneurs conceived an idea of floating a commercial bank with a different outlook. The idea was being competent, excellent and consistent delivery of reliable service with superior value products.

Accordingly, Prime Bank Ltd.

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The business started on 17 th April with the firm commitment of excellent customer service with a difference at Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka. The sponsors are reputed personalities in the field of trade and commerce and their experience ranges from shipping to textile and finance to energy. It was listed with both. It has opened its first fully owned subsidiary — Prime Exchange Co.

Pte Ltd. The Bank has also made its presence in Singapore through its fully owned subsidiary Prime Exchange Co. The number of branch in each division is given below along with the rate at which branches increased each year. Prime Bank is a market leader in corporate to consumer banking and retail lending to SMEs in Bangladesh. The Prime Bank Group has a strong capital base with a risk-weighted capital adequacy ratio of The Group has one of the most efficient capital structures in Bangladesh.

The Bank also has good asset quality in the banking industry and very strong financial ratings.

Case Study: The epic meltdown of TSB Bank - Henrico Dolfing

Prime Bank continues to earn recognition and trust for its strong and sustained financial performance and product management. By this inspiration Prime bank opened this department in under the supervision of S. At the initial stage the scope was very limited but the need of this department is increasing day by day for the market demand and to operate the bank with more efficiency. Behind the notice of the consumer and the flashy branches, this division acts as a support division of the bank providing valuable and timely information to all other units. The information is used before taking key business and investment decisions that directly affect the profitability and thus, the value of the bank.

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  • The level of involvement as an intern in this division is high which makes it easier for me to specifically define each role of this division which is reflected fully in the report. Each of the functional groups is both highly dependent and supportive to on each other and extensive knowledge and information sharing is done.

    Marketing research provides a window to the competitive market that exists in the banking sector today.

    In order to provide something new, innovative and have a customer focused orientation in developing new financial products, marketing research provides the best alternative. Some of the objectives of marketing research are. In order to achieve this ultimate goal, the marketing research group has to do the following activities.

    The basic principles of a system migration

    Besides the three types of main researches, the division is responsible for directly reporting to the Managing Director and Executive Board some key market information. This information is necessary to keep up to date and stay on the top of the business. As a result the following systematic information is prepared by the division.

    Banking industry is one of the major Service Sector in Bangladesh Economy. Following characteristics, viz.

    In the banking industry, banks have been allowed to be operated in private sector only two decades ago. At present there are 49 Scheduled banks operating in Bangladesh out of which 4 are nationalized, 5 are specialized, 30 are local private and 10 foreign banks. Stiff competition among banks has been further accentuated as non banking financial institutions NBFI are offering similar kind of products and services to the market. After years of minimal growth, now we observe a marked rise in the contribution of retail and small and medium enterprises SMEs in overall lending portfolio of commercial banks.

    Expansion is the word of the day, and as usual, SMEs having higher growth potential can be a potential basket where banks can put their money. So to survive and thrive in this very competitive environment Bank must have to find innovative fields of revenue generating business. Here prices are forecasted for some key commodities which provide information to branch managers thought Bangladesh about investment decisions.

    In broad the purpose of price forecasting is. Prime bank has significant investment in eight commodities and these are the commodities on which price forecasting is done. The commodities are:. Commodity research is part of the business policy research and helps the bank to invest in the right markets.