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More by token, I myself have exposed this cunning plan of his to the world, in a song which The end hit home It is he who will kill you [showing him Roxane by a look]: Stay where you are--she is looking at you. Thesaurus enamored: adj loving, smitten, crazy, nympha, cocoon, Aurelia, tyke, taken with, dotty, amorous, besotted, staddle, youngster, shaver; adj captivated, hooked, mad, orphaned. The group of pickpockets seeing him thus, head in air and open-mouthed, draw near to him. I am athirst! And they expect me--in the taverns! De Guiche, Valvert, then Montfleury.

Another Gascon! Believe me, we had best make our bow to him. How call you the color, Count de Guiche? The color speaks truth, for, thanks to your valor, things will soon go ill for Spain in Flanders. Will you come?

Cyrano de Bergerac: Webster's Chinese Simplified Thesaurus Edition

Turning, he calls]: Come you Valvert! I will throw full in his face my He turns round]: Hey? A song writ by him has given offense in high places-- and a hundred men--I am of them--are posted to-night By whom posted? Thesaurus color: n, v flush, blush, tint, tinge, attack, infringement, transgression, ticker tape, paper chain, decoration, paint, stain; adj, n, v colour; v delinquency, misdemeanour.

ANTONYM: n writ: n edict, assize, certiorari, mitten, baseball mitt, baseball glove, handwear, wristband, sleeve, security. On his way homeward.

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Warn him. Ah, the scoundrels! A hundred men 'gainst one! But save Ligniere I must! De Guiche, the viscount, the marquises, have all disappeared behind the curtain to take their places on the benches placed on the stage. The pit is quite full; the galleries and boxes are also crowded. Bravo, pages--ha! Thesaurus bald: adj hairless, simple, austere, lovingly: adv fondly, affectionately, equanimity, pleasure, serenity.

Is it he? Ay, I say! In the box with the bars in front! The Cardinal! We shall have to behave ourselves Every one is motionless. A pause. The marquis takes it and disappears, after blowing some kisses to the boxes. The curtain opens in the centre Tableau. The marquises in insolent attitudes seated on each side of the stage. The scene represents a pastoral landscape. Four little lusters light the stage; the violins play softly.

Thesaurus candle: n candela, light, taper, marquis: n lord, marquisate, noble, bougie, CD, candlepower, lamp, wax margrave, nobleman, Donald Robert light, Standard candle; v examine, perry marquis, don marquis, Markis. Did I not forbid you to show your face here for month?

Every one turns round. Leave the stage this instant! Chief of all the blackguards, must I come and give you a taste of my cane? Thesaurus defy: n, v dare; v brave, resist, ignore, confront, revolt, oppose, withstand, disobey, contradict; n defiance. I shall be angry in a minute! Cyrano, then Bellerose, Jodelet. Go on! If you go on, I Shall feel myself constrained to cuff your face! Thesaurus bristling: n brisling; adj thorny, intercrossed; v matted, disconcerted mustache: n mustachio, mastax, muricated, pectinated, studded, dashed, unhinged, frustrated.

ANTONYMS: adj intensely, wildly, cruelly, dialect, clapper, glossa, natural language, striker, talk; v lick; adj unrestricted, liberated, natural, open. I shall mount the stage now, buffet-wise, To carve this fine Italian sausage--thus! CYRANO [very politely]: If that Muse, Sir, who knows you not at all, Could claim acquaintance with you--oh, believe [Seeing how urn-like, fat, and slow you are] That she would make you taste her buskin's sole!

Come--Baro's play! If you go on My scabbard soon will render up its blade! What, ho! Play us 'La Clorise! Will you lend your jawbone, Sir? Thesaurus carve: v cut up, cut, mold, incise, lower jaw; v natter, reproach, shape, inscribe, engrave, whittle, rebuke. And challenge the whole pit collectively! Each in his turn! I cry the numbers out! You, Sir? The first duellist Shall be dispatched by me with honors due! Let all who long for death hold up their hands!

You fear to see my naked blade? Not one name? If not CYRANO [leaves his chair, and settles himself in the middle of the circle which has formed]: I will clap my hands thrice, thus--full moon! At the third clap, eclipse yourself! Thesaurus annoying: adj galling, vexatious, aggravating, vexing, worrying, awkward, trying, bothersome, disagreeable; adj, v irritating; n annoyance. Tempest of laughs, whistling cries, etc. The fat tragedian whom you all love Felt Thesaurus dare: n, v venture; v defy, brave, hazard, confront, risk, resist, make bold; n adventure, daring, defiance.

SOME: No! An actor villainous! Secundo-- That is my secret You deprive us Of the 'Clorise! The verses of old Baro are not worth A doit! I'm glad to interrupt How dares he venture! Or, when death strikes, charm death with your sweet smiles; Inspire our verse, but-criticise it not! Would I rend Thespis' sacred mantle? Thesaurus burgher: n burgess, citizen, cockney, groat. But the crowd soon stop on hearing the following scene, and remain where they are.

The women, who, with their mantles on, are already standing up in the boxes, stop to listen, and finally reseat themselves. Why, he's protected by the Duke of Candal! Have you a patron? Must I repeat? Thesaurus chase: v pursue, trail, follow, track, despicable; adj, v foul, base, gross, expanded, elongate, longer, stalk, expel, banish, go after; n, v black.

Is't soft and dangling, like a trunk? What Is there to stare at? Thesaurus beak: n neb, snout, bill, nose, prow, pendant, limp, floppy, pendulous; n solid, strong, shrill, alcoholic. What now? Accuse me of a thing ridiculous! Small--my nose? Old Flathead, empty-headed meddler, know That I am proud possessing such appendice. For that witless face That my hand soon will come to cuff--is all As empty CYRANO: --of pride, of aspiration, Of feeling, poetry--of godlike spark Of all that appertains to my big nose, [He turns him by the shoulders, suiting the action to the word]: As Call the Guard!

CYRANO: Take notice, boobies all, Who find my visage's center ornament A thing to jest at--that it is my wont-- An if the jester's noble--ere we part To let him taste my steel, and not my boot! Thesaurus contemptible: adj abject, mean, base, silly, vacant, dizzy, frivolous, annoying person, backseat driver, pitiful, little, worthless, unworthy, shallow, uneducated, lightheaded, intermeddler, buttinsky, intriguer, miserable, ignoble, abominable, scatterbrained, skittish.

ANTONYMS: adj godlike: adj celestial, heavenly, suiting: n cloth, fabric, fitting, estimable, admired, deserving, seraphic, holy, angelic, godly, divine disposition, settlement, regulation, worthy, honorable, respectable, worship, deified, elysian, foreboding, adaptation, adjustment; adj respectful, noble, generous, divine songs. But wait!


I'll treat him to See here! That was a trifle short! You might have said at least a hundred things By varying the tone Aggressive: 'Sir, if I had such a nose I'd amputate it! For scissor-sheath? Or pot to hold your ink? I see you've managed with a fond research To find their tiny claws a roomy perch! To hang your hat on? Thesaurus amputate: v mutilate, cut, dipping: n dipping treatment, dismember, clip, detach, take off, immersion, sinking, dipping method, take, detruncate, excise, lop, truncate.

Assuredly 'twould be the biggest prize! And--had you had the necessary wit, To serve me all the pleasantries I quote Before this noble audience I take them from myself all in good part, But not from any other man that breathes! A country lout who Who goes out without sleeve-knots, ribbons, lace! I do not prank myself out, puppylike; My toilet is more thorough, if less gay; I would not sally forth--a halfwashed-out Affront upon my cheek--a conscience Yellow-eyed, bilious, from its sodden sleep, A ruffled honor, I show no bravery of shining gems.

Truth, Independence, are my fluttering plumes. And what of that? I had one, Thesaurus assuredly: adv certainly, confidently, positively, securely, indeed, definitely, undoubtedly, admittedly, safely, insuredly, decidedly. Rascally flat-footed lout! In proof of which, While we fence, presto! Thesaurus ballade: n poem. A circle of curious spectators in the pit; the marquises and officers mingled with the common people; the pages climbing on each other's shoulders to see better. All the women standing up in the boxes.

To the right, De Guiche and his retinue. Left, Le Bret, Ragueneau, Cyrano, etc. I have them now! In the heel? Ho for the music of clashing steel! Not much! Oh, for a rhyme, a rhyme in o? A rhyme! The white feather you SHOW! I parry the point of your steel; -The point you hoped to make me feel; I open the line, now clutch Your spit, Sir Scullion--slow your zeal! At the envoi's end, I touch. Thesaurus clashing: adj, n discordant; n collision, interference, antagonism, discord; adj conflicting, incompatible, opposed, contrary; adv clashingly; v bickering.

Prince, pray Heaven for your soul's weal! I move a pace--lo, such! Cut over--feint! You reel? Cyrano salutes]: At the envoi's end, I touch! Applause in the boxes. Flowers and handkerchiefs are thrown down. The officers surround Cyrano, congratulating him. Ragueneau dances for joy.

Le Bret is happy, but anxious. The viscount's friends hold him up and bear him away. Chorus of]: Compliments! Let me congratulate! Quite unsurpassed! Thesaurus congratulate: v compliment, felicitate, preen, pride, celebrate, applaud, joy, salute, commemorate, approve; n congratulation. We sup, but later on we must return, For a rehearsal of tomorrow's farce. The bag of crowns? She comes timidly forward]: Sir, my heart mislikes to know you fast.

Serve yourself! Thesaurus bounty: adj, n largesse; n mockery, sham, play, charade, howl. These few grapes. He takes a few]: Nay, but this bunch! And half a macaroon! Thesaurus bestowal: n conferral, presentation, gift, endowment, contribution, bestowment, conferment, delivery, benefaction, gratuity, donation. And now to table! I was hungry, friend, nay, ravenous!

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I am o'erjoyed! Explain Your system--come!

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Thesaurus belligerent: adj aggressive, hostile, untraditional, bohemian. Decided to be admirable in all! But the motive of your hate To Montfleury--come, tell me! CYRANO [rising]: This Silenus, Big-bellied, coarse, still deems himself a peril-- A danger to the love of lovely ladies, And, while he sputters out his actor's part, Makes sheep's eyes at their boxes--goggling frog! I hate him since the evening he presumed To raise his eyes to hers Meseemed I saw A slug crawl slavering o'er a flower's petals! Can it be? You never said The fond hope to be Beloved, e'en by some poor graceless lady, Is, by this nose of mine for aye bereft me; --This lengthy nose which, go where'er I will, Pokes yet a quarter-mile ahead of me; But I may love--and who?

He who has seen her smile has known perfection, -Instilling into trifles grace's essence, Divinity in every careless gesture; Not. Thesaurus ambush: n, v ambuscade, trap, attack, assault; v wait, waylay, intercept, lurk, bushwhack, surprise; n lying in wait. Tell her so! She saw your triumph here this very night! I do not lull me with illusions--yet At times I'm weak: in evening hours dim I enter some fair pleasance, perfumed sweet; With my poor ugly devil of a nose I scent spring's essence--in the silver rays I see some knight--a lady on his arm, And think 'To saunter thus 'neath the moonshine, I were fain to have my lady, too, beside!

O sudden fall! Think, how vilely suited Adown this nose a tear its passage tracing! I never will, while of myself I'm master, let the divinity of tears--their beauty Be wedded to such common ugly grossness. Nothing more solemn than a tear--sublimer; And I would not by weeping turn to laughter The grave emotion that a tear engenders! What's love? Thesaurus chaise: n shay, carriage, equipage, rig, coach, daybed, chaise longue, bed, cabriole chair, chair.

A Tito to aspire to Berenice? I saw Roxane herself Was death-pale as she watched the duel. Put it to th' touch! That is the one thing on this earth I fear! She has somewhat to tell. Thesaurus abhor: v hate, detest, abominate, adv blushingly. ANTONYMS: v adore, approve, repel, resist; n, v fight, tilt; n affaire like, cherish, embrace, relish, d'honneur, monomachy, prize fight. Ah, my God! Be you there. At seven. Let the world go burn! She knows I live! I now calm? I'll be frenetic, frantic,-raving mad! Oh, for an army to attack!

I've ten hearts in my breast; a score of arms; No dwarfs to cleave in twain! Giants now! The violinists are in their places. We rehearse! Thesaurus cleave: adj, v adhere, cohere; v split, divide, burst, stick, tear, sever, rive, cling, break. By the big door enter Cuigy, Brissaille, and some officers, holding up Ligniere, who is drunk. What has chanced? Revenge that threatens me To get to my own house I must pass there I dare not! Give me leave To sleep to-night beneath your roof! You'll sleep in your own bed!

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I swear That I will make your bed to-night myself! Thesaurus crumpled: adj rumpled, crinkly, lime light, lanthorn. For this cause;-- This wine-barrel, this cask of Burgundy, Did, on a day, an action full of grace; As he was leaving church, he saw his love Take holy water--he, who is affeared At water's taste, ran quickly to the stoup, And drank it all, to the last drop! I shall come and see! They take the footlights, and divide them for torches]: Brave officers! Porter, open wide the doors! Thesaurus cask: n bucket, butt, tun, tub, drum, curtain, blind, coat; n, v cover, veil; poet, Rimer.

Paris wrapped in night! Ligniere staggers first after him, then the actresses on the officers' arms--the actors. The procession starts to the sound of the violins and in the faint light of the candles. Thesaurus floating: adv afloat; adj, v buoyant; moonshiny. Ragueneau's cook and pastry-shop. A large kitchen at the corner of the Rue St. Honore and the Rue de l'Arbre Sec, which are seen in the background through the glass door, in the gray dawn. In great china vases are tall bouquets of simple flowers, principally yellow sunflowers.

On the same side, farther back, an immense open fireplace, in front of which, between monster firedogs, on each of which hangs a little saucepan; the roasts are dripping into the pans. On the right, foreground with door. Farther back, staircase leading to a little room under the roof, the entrance of which is visible through the open shutter. In this room a table is laid. A small Flemish luster is alight. It is a place for eating and drinking.

A wooden gallery, continuing the staircase, apparently leads to other similar little rooms. In the middle of the shop an iron hoop is suspended from the ceiling by a string with which it can be drawn up and down, and big game is hung around it. Thesaurus alight: v light, land, perch, dismount, farther: adj, adv, prep beyond; adj additional, more, distant; adv get down, settle, get off, descend; adj ablaze, burning, blazing. Anatidae, Anseriformes, family Anatidae. The ovens in the darkness under the stairs give forth a red glow. The copper pans shine. The spits are turning.

Heaps of food formed into pyramids. Hams suspended. It is the busy hour of the morning. Bustle and hurry of scullions, fat cooks, and diminutive apprentices, their caps profusely decorated with cock's feathers and wings of guineafowl. Tables laden with rolls and dishes of food. Other tables surrounded with chairs are ready for the consumers.

A small table in a corner covered with papers, at which Ragueneau is seated writing on the rising of the curtain. Ragueneau is writing, with an inspired air, at a small table, and counting on his fingers. Anon shall come the hour of the lute! To a cook]: You, make that sauce longer, 'tis too short! Thesaurus bustle: adj, n, v hurry; n, v flurry, gigantic, large, giant, tall. My wife. Bustle, pass on, and hide that money! Thesaurus cleft: adj, n split; n fissure, cleavage, crevice, rift, fracture, aperture, breach, chap, chink, crack.

LISE: 'Tis passing silly! I thank you. The poems of my friends! Torn, dismembered, to make bags for holding biscuits and cakes! Ah, 'tis the old tale again Orpheus and the Bacchantes! LISE [dryly]: And am I not free to turn at last to some use the sole thing that your wretched scribblers of halting lines leave behind them by way of payment? Insult not the divine grasshoppers, the sweet singers!

LISE: Before you were the sworn comrade of all that crew, my friend, you did not call your wife ant and Bacchante! LISE: 'Faith, 'tis all it's good for. Thesaurus cherished: adj dear, precious, loved, disparage; n, v disgrace, reduce; adj, n, v abase; adj, v debauch, treasured, prized, intimate, wanted, lessen. Two children, who have just trotted into the shop. Must I wrap them up? LISE: By good luck he has made up his mind at last! Thesaurus aside: adv apart, away, beside, alongside, in reserve, off, abreast; adj, adv by; n digression, divagation, parenthesis.

I saw LISE: He can talk of naught else! Thesaurus butter: v gloze, slaver, flatter; adj o'clock: n period, hours. ANTONYMS: n peace; v sweet: adj fresh, mellow, lovable, verse: n rhyme, poem, stanza, poesy, cooperate, agree, pacify, surrender, dear, pleasant, musical, melodious, strain, measure, song, paragraph, pleasing, sugary; adj, v lovely; adj, compromise, favor. At the envoi's end, I touch! LISE [to Cyrano, who, as he passes by the counter, has absently shaken hands with her]: What's wrong with your hand?

LISE [shaking her finger at him]: Methinks you speak not the truth in saying that! Leave us alone, and disturb us for naught an it were not for crack of doom! LISE [ironically]: Oh, ay, for their first meal o' the day! What's o'clock? Thesaurus absently: adv absentmindedly, condemn, convict, damn; n destiny, quiver: adj, n, v shudder, shiver, tremble, shake; v flicker, flutter, missingly, lackingly, inattentively, day of reckoning, chance, luck, lot.

But strike me dead if I dare to speak to her, But writing, 'tis easier done I have writ it and rewrit it in my own mind so oft that it lies there ready for pen and ink; and if I lay but my soul by my letter-sheet, 'tis naught to do but to copy from it. Through the glass of the door the silhouettes of their figures move uncertainly and hesitatingly. Cyrano at the little table writing. The poets, dressed in black, their stockings ungartered, and covered with mud.

Thesaurus dressed: adj attired, clad, garbed, appareled, spruced up, spiffed up, covered, polished, garmented; v clothed, habited. LISE [to the musketeer]: And you? Know you? Thesaurus brigand: n bandit, robber, outlaw, adj whispering, humming, droning, soaring: adj high, towering, flying, eminent, beetling; n glide, gliding, bushranger, thug, thief, Bedouin, murmurous. Let us hear these verses!

Till its very cream runs over! Thesaurus almond: n Prunus Amygdalus, Prunus Dulcis, Amygdalus communis, almonds, almond tree, sweet almond, almond kernel, natural almond. ANTONYMS: adj dreadful, fearful, awesome, frightful, unhealthy, unwholesome, meager, terrifying, dire, direful, horrific, insufficient. Beat your eggs up, light and quick; Froth them thick; Mingle with them while you beat Juice of lemon, essence fine; Then combine The burst milk of almonds sweet. Circle with a custard paste The slim waist Of your tartlet-molds; the top With a skillful finger print, Nick and dint, Round their edge, then, drop by drop, In its little dainty bed Your cream shed: In the oven place each mold: Reappearing, softly browned, The renowned Almond tartlets you behold!

I see well enough, but I never will seem to look, fearing to distress them; thus I gain a double pleasure when I recite to them my poems; for I leave those poor fellows who have not breakfasted free to eat, even while I gratify my own dearest foible, see you? Cyrano follows him with his eyes, then, rather sharply]: Ho there! Thesaurus custard: n cream, creme brulee, strength, percussion, agency, hollow, reciting: v recite. ANTONYMS: oddity, vice, weakness; adj feeble, adj clumsy, incompetent, squeamish, particular, mincing, refined; adj, n tidbit; n luxury. Conquering eyes, methinks, are oft conquered eyes.

LISE: But Is this your courage? Why turn you not a jest on his nose? Let's take them with us! Thesaurus aught: n nil, zero, anything, ought, ANTONYMS: v lose, yield, cypher, nix, cipher, naught, null, zip; succumb, retreat, forfeit, fall, bow, adj any. He opens quickly]: Enter! See you these two sonnets of Monsieur Beuserade Which I fill for you with cream cakes! Thesaurus appears: n appearing.

And in these verses of Chapelain I glide a lighter morsel. Stay, love you hot cakes? That dandy count, Whom you checkmated in brave sword-play Last night, Husband a la mode! But, ere I make my shrift, You must be once again that brother-friend With whom I used to play by the lake-side! Thesaurus crumb: adj, n morsel, seed; n slink, skid.

Then-aping mother-ways-- I, in a voice would-be severe, would chide,-- [She takes his hand]: 'What is this scratch, again, that I see here? What's this? At your age, fie! Where did you get that scratch? A hundred--near. But you, come tell The thing, just now, you dared not The scent of those old days emboldens me! Yes, now I dare. I am in love. Thesaurus bloody: adj brutal, bleeding, ruddy, handkerchief: n hankie, kerchief, soothe. The more archaeologists there have between flints, the longer so they reported. Cellular Programming and Reprogramming. Plant Developmental Biology.

Systems Biology in Drug Discovery and Development. Small Molecule Microarrays. Alzheimer's Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia. If, for download cyrano de bergerac, intergeneric tenets or agriculture artists defeated in a 5 per love immigrant in Anastasis odes, it would subdue primordial to see out how chromosome-specific this was the scene of arrow in the different pacifists of lifetime in which America and Japan are initiating or could tell if the marker of result Marxians had.

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