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  1. Point Set Topology, Volume 16 - 1st Edition
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  3. ISBN 13: 9781483242118
  4. Handbook of the History of General Topology, Volume 1-3

Point Set Topology, Volume 16 - 1st Edition

If a selected node is on a lower version, topology is ignored and not passed to the driver during CreateVolume. The alpha feature in the external-provisioner is not compatible across Kubernetes versions. In addition, Kubernetes master and node version skew and upgrades are not supported. Note that a storage system may also have an "internal topology" different from independent of the topology of the cluster where workloads are scheduled.

Meaning volumes exposed by the storage system are equally accessible by all nodes in the Kubernetes cluster, but the storage system has some internal topology that may influence, for example, the performance of a volume from a given node. CSI does not currently expose a first class mechanism to influence such storage system internal topology on provisioning.

Therefore, Kubernetes can not programmatically influence such topology.

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However, a CSI Driver may expose the ability to specify internal storage topology during volume provisioning using an opaque parameter in the CreateVolume CSI call CSI enables CSI Drivers to expose an arbitrary set of configuration options during dynamic provisioning by allowing opaque parameters to be passed from cluster admins to the storage plugins -- this would enable cluster admins to be able to control the storage system internal topology during provisioning.

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To enable orchestration systems, like Kubernetes, to work well with storage systems which expose volumes that are not equally accessible by all nodes, the CSI spec enables: Ability for a CSI Driver to opaquely specify where a particular node exists e. Ability for Kubernetes users or components to influence where a volume is provisioned e.

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Ability for a CSI Driver to opaquely specify where a particular volume exists e. Describes what multitenancy is and how tenant data is kept private for each tenant.

ISBN 13: 9781483242118

You can use it for real-time, operational analytics capabilities. The topology describes the locations of nodes and racks in the cluster. Volume topology is based on node topology.

Topology Workbook Vol 1 : Review and Opinion

You define volume topology after you define node topology. When you set up node topology, you can group nodes by rack or switch. MapR Filesystem uses node topology to determine where to replicate data for continuous access to the data in the event of a rack or node failure. The master copies for containers of local volumes are placed on the local node. The nodes for the replica copies for containers of local volumes are chosen in the following order:. When the root volume on a cluster is mirrored, the source root volume contains a writable volume link,.

Handbook of the History of General Topology, Volume 1-3

A mount path that consists entirely of mirrored volumes refers to a mirrored copy of the specified volume. When a mount path contains volumes that are not mirrored, the path refers to the target volume directly. In cases where a path refers to a mirrored copy, the. About MapR 6. Home 6.